Stein Glass Termonology You Should Know

Glasses named after their shape:

Kelch cup, goblet, chalice: Has no stem like the Pokal

Krug (or Seidel):  what Americans call a mug. The only beer glass with a handle.

Pokal:  a stemmed goblet, tulip.  Pokal shapes are anything but standard and evidenced by the picture of our “Tulip Collection”.An example of the Pokal is shown in the accompanying photo

Stange (stick):  very similar to a pilsner except taller and more slender.

Willibecher (or becher – a cup):  what Americans would call a tumbler

Glasses named for the style of beer they are intended to hold:

Alt:  a cylindrical glass that usually holds only 0.2-0.3 Liters. A North German style where they drink their beer in smaller portions.

Berliner Kindl:  similar to an American schooner. A “fish-bowl” on a stem.

Kölsch:  similar to the Altbier glass but of thinner glass, and sometimes taller. Smaller capacity, in the Northern German style.

Pilsner (Pils):  A German pilsner glass is the Pokal. An American pilsner glass is an inverted cone on a short pedestal.

Weissbier (also called weizenbier):  Large, (usually 0.5 L) inverted cone without a pedestal.

It should be understood that many new styles of glasses, or hybrids, have evolved over the years and there is not always agreement over what style name should be applied to a particular glass.

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