Custom Steins for Gifts

handblown-beer-bootCustom steins or mugs carry the message to the public that you want to communicate. Prices are surprisingly affordable. Steins may be customized by any of the following methods:

Body Material: Glass and Stoneware are the most common for custom steins. Porcelain, or Pewter can be customized however the cost is very high, especially for the pewter.

Body Style: Stock. Much less expensive than custom-designed bodies. Usually cylindrical or tapered.

Custom. Unusual shapes will be more costly but will be unique. This will usually be for shapes of figures, animals, etc. and will require hand-painting as well.

Body Design: Decals. The least expensive but one of the most attractive. Don’t let the term “decals” mislead you. These are baked on at over 800 deg C where the ink and the covering lacquer are baked into the body. The best method if detail work is desired. Decals should be 4 inches square or less; one if it is to be placed opposite the handle, two if on the sides. If camera-ready copy can be provided, that will save the customer the fee of our artists having to reproduce or design the logo or design.

Single-color or multi-color silk-screening. Excellent results at slightly higher cost. Quotes provided on the work to be done.

Low-relief with decal covering. A cross between flat and high-relief that allows the use of decal transfer to incorporate greater detail. Quotes provided on the work to be done.

High-relief with hand painting. One of the oldest methods and probably the most traditional. Quotes provided on the work to be done.

Etching. Only on stoneware (usually glazed) and glass. Very attractive when the glazed stoneware is also colored. Quotes provided on the work to be done.

Lid material: Pewter lids. One of the most traditional materials. The cost escalates according to the height of the lid, the detail, any undercutting, and the figure (if any) on the top.

Ceramic lids. May be used alone but more often as an insert in the pewter lid. May be hand-painted or with a small decal.

Other materials. Care must be taken when selecting other materials to use as lids to insure that the material can be fitted to the stein and not impact upon the body too severely.

Lid Design: The most value for price is when a design is embossed onto an existing lid design. Changing a lid style beyond just embossing will naturally be more expensive but the lid style will be uniquely yours and will only be used for your steins. Figures on the top of the lid will naturally add to the cost; especially if custom. There are a number of figure designs that already exist so we will attempt to use them first. If the figure must be custom, it has be designed and carved, then molds made, and finally cast the figures.

Thumblift: Again, may be either stock or custom-designed.

Personalizing: All glass and stoneware steins and mugs may also be personalized by the addition of names of individuals or groups/units/etc, which are added before they go to the kiln to insure that they are permanently baked into the material.

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