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beer-stein A “biergarten glass” is a beer glass manufactured for use by biergartens, pubs, and restaurants. It is designed for a particular brewery and is in a style appropriate to the style of beer it will contain. It may be imprinted with a brewery logo but definitely will be imprinted with a “fill Mark.” They are also referred to as “brewery glasses.”

The biergarten glass will have a “fill mark” on it to indicate that the glass must (by law) be filled to that mark with beer; the remainder of the glass contains the head. Sets of glasses normally sold to consumers do not have a fill mark since that are not designed for commercial use. Most collectors want the commercial grade of glass with the fill mark.

The style of the glass is designed to enhance the enjoyment of the beer: not only the taste, but the smell and the appearance as well. In Europe, many styles of beer are commonplace, as opposed to the United States, where the American Pilsner predominates.

In many countries of Europe, a glass with a brewery logo on it can only be served when containing beer from that brewery. An observer in a biergarten knows not only the style of beer that you are drinking by the glass you are served, but if a brewery logo is on the glass, he or she will know what brand of beer you are drinking.

A stein will keep beer colder, longer than in a glass. It also serves the same function it was designed for over four hundred years ago…it keeps the bugs out of your beer. These two reasons make them especially popular in the summer months. Lastly, an attractive stein serves as a decorative piece in any surroundings.

beer-stein-americaA stein is a very personal object that usually reflects the owners likes/dislikes and personality. There are steins that are tied to various sports, hobbies, wildlife; some are serious, some are humorous. Many steins are of a Germanic heritage, appropriate for someone of German ancestry. Some are replicas of steins produced over one hundred years ago; especially sought after are the regimental steins and occupational steins. Surprisingly, there are many steins associated with the U. S. Civil War. There is such a variety of steins on the market, that we are sure you can find one that matches the personality or interest of the recipient. And if you find it elsewhere, e-mail us a request for a quote.

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